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Progress report?

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This mod has been incorporated into another. So I can say it is far from dead, the project is in progress over at Spellhold Studios: NPC IEP, is introducing the works left over by this planned mod, and more. :(


So no, the project is not dead. Just taking a different form, in a much larger machine; so to speak. ;)


Edit: http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showforum=353


for convience to finding the forum threads.

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Actually, Viconia Relationship and IEP are in no way related. No material between them has been shared, and the concepts themselves are vastly different.


The Interaction Expansion Pack will add a friendship for females and non-romantically-inclined males. It doesn't add a romance, and we are doing our best to stay true to canon (not making changes such as Viconia becoming bisexual).


The Expansion pack isn't messing with any romance material right now, just adding friendships.


Thanks for the plug, however! :(

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Actually, Viconia Relationship and IEP are in no way related.

Aw, got my hopes up in one post to having them slaughtered in the next one.


But friendship mods are great too. I only have Kindrek and Kelsey as un-romantic "click-able" NPCs, and despite it being a great mod, I don't know if one can truly dare to call Kindrek a friend. He follows me, slays spellcasters like nobodys business, and gets angry when I dualclass to a mage (such a shame, I liked him, but Korgan didn't mind offing him and saving my poor PC who's new magic missile ability didn't do much.)


Slightly off-topic. :(

I'm heading over to Spellhold to check on IEP.

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