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[fixed] Immunity to Effect 101? Who's the nutjob?


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I'm taking out Bodhi's lair, and I was VERY, VERY surprised to find that my Mace of Disruption +2 was allowing me to take level drains. Icon is there, but it's not working.


So, I said, OK, let's try the Amulet of Power that works fine for Keldorn.


And THAT isn't working.


Very, very cool. Now to see which of the items I'm using is preventing the effect from working.


OK, wearing nothing but weilding the mace, and still getting hit.


Hrm, Somehow I have Immunity to effect: Immunitity to effect! From something called PROPC101.EFF


This is put in by the tweaks pack. OK, WTF?


I chopped it out of my CRE, but really...

This seems to be copied as part of the "Change Avatar when wearing robes or armor" component.

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