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Andrzej Sapkowski in english


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Andrzej Sapkowski with his Witcher saga and trylogy about Reynevan is one of most famous polish fantasy writers. Someone like polish Tolkien :blush: Now it will be in english - first book with some novels about Geralt: The last wish (polish title: Ostatnie życzenie) will be accessable for english language world :hm: His books have also czech, russish and espaniol translations.


Now, what's that? Maybe it got's some parts of heroic fantasy - grand hero is Geralt from Rivia, Witcher - mutant, created to destroy monsters from world. But.. but isn't heroic. Why? You should check that in book.


I think witcher saga are best books which I've read. His fantasy have got many links to our polish reality... then maybe it will be sometimes hard to understand it for west-european and americans. But if you want good book - maybe you should try this.

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