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Auren ToB Progress


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Okay so, we want Auren to stay with us for ToB right? Here is a list of things that I want to see through before the mod is released for SoA and ToB together. NOTE: This thread may include unintentional spoilers for the SoA portion of the mod. If you haven't played Auren SoA, tread carefully here. You have been warned.


-Auren's romance with Nalia: The romance will develop more and the two will get to know much more about each other. Several banters will be written.


-Auren's relationship with the PC: Some banters here as well.


-Auren and the other NPCs: Again, some banters but probably not as many as in SoA since ToB is a much shorter game.


-Voicing: The cast should be the same unless something comes up and if that happens I will be sure to notify everyone.


-Music: A new song has been composed for the ToB portion and I am in the process of deciding whether or not to get that uploaded for all to hear.


-Quest: Aha, the part we have been waiting for. Valinor will keep his promise to Auren and there will be a quest in the ToB portion of the mod. Though what it is, I won't say.


-Epilogue: What happens to Auren in the end?


-Pocket Plane Summoning: To summon or not to summon?


So, that's about it. I will have a Suggestions Thread open for anyone to give any input they might have. I would very much appreciate it if we could stay on topic for this thread, and not use it to post suggestions, reviews on the existing version, or bug reporting. Thanks!

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So, is Auren in ToB? In the current edition? I know the character is, but is she bantering?


EDIT: Never mind, I see from other threads that she's not, and you are going to release a separate mod. I'm in no hurry, what with NWN2 coming out. :)

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Epilogues are all done.


AurenPC stuff is done.


Sent out call for voicers! Auren's voicer as well as Valinor and Arianna's are diligently working on their lines.



Yay I'm so excited. Plus I have another surprise coming for you guys.

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After working on it all day, I'm proud to say that Auren ToB is nearing completion.



PC Banters

Nalia Banters


End Game talks

Fate Spirit Summoning


Player Initiated Talks

All introductory and parting dialogs





Finish up Auren NPC banters




Another little surprise here:


Auren SoA V5 will also be getting released at the same time. V5 will include a redo of Auren's soundtrack (same songs, but a little bit different sound!) as well as voicing for any of the parts that weren't able to be done for V4. The Copper Coronet bug will also have been fixed.

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