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Hi All


New to the forum and IE modding...


I just did some testing of "PersonalSpaceDistance(O:Object*,I:Range*)", the IESDP states:


"Returns true if the specified object is at least as far away from the active CRE as the 2nd parameter specifies."


I found that not to be true. The trigger will only return true if the distance to the object is exactely as specified in the 2nd parameter. Also unlike "Range(O:Object*,I:Range*)", which will return true at "0" range if the CRE is standing "inside" the object (like close to a DRAGON), "PersonalSpaceDistance" will still only return true on a "1" range.


So can anyone tell me, if the ranged weapon penalty kicks in at 4 range to the "outer" limits of the enemy, or to the base of the enemy (the red circle). If the 2nd is true, it might be better to use PersonalSpaceDistance(1-4) to determine when to switch weapons in AI-scripts.

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will return true is the range is <= {range}


So, you could code it that way, which is usually the way I've seen it in scripts. usually with '5' or '8' in the range.


A script run will occer every 1.5 step cycles, so you have to provide for some time before your script can "notice" the enemy is close.

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