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G3: The G3 Anniversary Mod v4 Released


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The Gibberlings Three


G3 is pleased to announce the release of version 4 of the The Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod v4. The new version features bug fixes, a new reward, and (thanks to Weigo) works full with the Worldmap mod used by BP. When we decided to put together an anniversary mod, we felt we should do something that would be, above all, fun to make and fun to play. Hence, as a starting point we settled on a semi-serious running joke of Grim Squeaker's that we should do a quest mod involving a pub crawl. To initiate the quest, go look for Drini in the Copper Coronet. Expect some fourth-wall breakage and some outright silliness, and keep your eyes open—you may even spot someone you know.


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