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Hmm... I've also make a similar mod, and got a few similar kits :) Then I will write them - if you like them, just take.




In my opinion he should got something like that:

- +1 do thaco and speed factory per 4 levels

- +1 to AC vs. slashing and piercing damages per 6 levels

- Once per day per 6 levels can use 'Precision strike', which grants him in next 2 rounds +1D6 piercing damages per 4 levels of Duelist (max 5D6 at 20 lvl) at every hit.




Where he have got Bull Strenght ability? +4 to strenght for 3 rounds +1 round per 3 levels.


Also I have got some other ideas like MERCENARY or SHIELDBEARER - but it will be later ;)


Also I'm makin' translation :D

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I wanted the Duelist to be closer to a Fighter version of the Swashbuckler than the 3E Prestige Class of the same name. Similarly, I decided to go for damage bonuses rather than Bull's Strength as I don't think the kit necessarily needs spells, and Fist of Order instead of Fist of Hextor as Hextor doesn't exist in the Realms.


I remember seeing the Shieldbearer at a few other places--it was something I have been considering.


Thanks for the translation offer. :)

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All right. Then my kits:










- +1 to AC and +5% immunity to missle damages per 6 levels


- Starts with 2 points in sword and shield style


- Once per day per 4 levels can use 'Defend' ability, which grants him for 5 rounds +4 to AC, immunity to missles, +1 to saving throws, but decrease his movement speed and grants penalty -2 to damages and thaco.


- At 12 level he gains 'Bastion' ability, which grants him for next 3 rounds immunity to fear, mind spells, stun or sleep.






- Limited to normal weapon specialisation in melee weapons, and proficent (1 point) in range weapons


- Can't achieve other weapon style than sword and shield


- Can dualclass only to cleric




(It's hardly eddited dwarven kit Axe for hire)




MERCENARY: Mercenary is a warrior who is willing to sell his services to the highest bidder. Usually an all-round fighter, capable of engaging in hand to hand combat or range weapons.






- +1 to all saving throws


- Starts with 2 free profinency - one standard race meele weapon and range one


Human, Elf, Half-elf: Long sword and Longbow


Dwarf: Axe and crossbow


Gnome: Hammer and crossbow


Halfling: Short sword and sling


Half-orc: Two-handed sword and longbow






- Can't use plate mails


- Is limited to normal specialisation (2 points) in weapon other than race










- +1 to AC per 6 levels


- Gains 10% immunity to damages at 10th. level. Gains next +5% per 5 levels after ten.


- Immunity to backstab


- Once per day per 4 levels can use 'Defensive stance', which grants him for 5 rounds +2 to strenght, +4 to constitution, +2 to AC, +1 to saving throws. But he can't move.






- Limited to normal profinency (2 points)


- Can't use platemails

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- Can't use platemails


Um, why on earth not? Seems like using the heaviest armor he can get hold of would be in keeping with the role?


How about a "no ranged weapons" disadvantage instead?

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We/I/They (or which you want) can't make that - full non-usability of ranged weapons. Then maybe limitation to proficent (1 point) in ranged? And other restriction for shieldbearer - they able to put 2 points in one-handed weapons, but only 1 in two-handed.

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1. What do you think about add to Blackguard Summon familar ability? Like a PnP Fiendish servant - evil caster will always summon one from fiendish familars - imp, mephit or quasit. Or maybe AP effect at 10 level? He wouldn't have ability to next summon - got one imp and it's the end :)


2. Maybe you will add some battle improvements? Some of them in vanilla game are so unbalanced/boring/etc. For example Roenall army :D If you make it as a so large scale battle... then it can be real ARMY ;)

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A fiendish familiar for the Blackguard is something I considered, but don't think is too crucial: in pnp it seems like a counterpart to the Paladin's mount, whicht they don't get in BG2.


I am not particularly interested in new battles as others are better at scripting than me, and I'd rather put the effort elsewhere.


New Monk items are a good idea, and something I'll look into!

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