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Just found this old gem...

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So yeah, I was surfing the boards at Sorceror's Place, and went back to check out some old posts. A post made somewhere in 2001 proposed Noober as an NPC. The below gem had me cracking up.


Noober: Heya!

Jon: Must I be interrupted at every turn?

Noober: Are you an elf? Where are your pointy little elf ears?

Jon: Do you even KNOW to whom you speak?

Noober: I once saw an elf...

Jon: Enough! I have no time for this!

Noober: ... and he had pointy little ears.

Jon: Let this END!

Noober: Not like you.

Jon: (Prepares to cast disintegrate)

Noober: I'd like to be an elf. Can you turn me into an elf?

Jon: You will suffer! You will SUFFER!

Noober: I think elves are cool!

Jon: (changes his mind, casts improved sequencer and combines disintegrate with imprisonment and death spell)

Noober: Come to think of it, you don't look at all like an elf... argh! (Noober killed, disintegrated and imprisoned)

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