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BGT Version of BG1 NPC v12


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The current stable version of BG1 NPC for BGT is v11 with a fixpack, maintained and hosted at www.spellholdstudios.net by SirBillyBob.


The current version of BG1 NPC, v12, is set up to be a combined installer for both Tutu and BGT.


Full release for Tutu today; not so much for the BGT side. v12 WILL NOT YET INSTALL ON BGT YET!


The good news is that the Tutu side is very stable, and the content is final. For the BGT folks, hold on, please... we have built the combined installer, so you know that we are close to being able to give you the whole mod, but Ascension64 and Sir BillyBob are checking through the changes and providing necessary feedback; Chevalier is ready and waiting to test the install.


Luckily for you, I managed to make the installer NOT install on BGT (yeah, right, it was my plan all along :) ; just in time to stop all of you from swamping SpellHoldStudios with a ton of "what did you do to Imoen!?!!?" posts :D.


We need a bit more time to troubleshoot the BGT side. Changes made here will have no effect on the Tutu side, other than quick release of any minor bugfixes you folks find are needed when you play through v12. We will keep you posted.

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UPDATE: October 27, 2006



Best source of info from BGT players/modders can be found at SHS (the above link). Sir BillyBob and Chevalier (and of course Ascension64 as the sorce of all BGT knowledge) can catch most of the stuff here, or help us with the research.


The current info for BGT users is as follows:


The BG1 NPC Project v12 Beta3 installs cleanly on BGT, and is identical in content to the Tutu side of the installer save for some extra non-core content "tweaks" at the end of the install. It has successfully installed and played through Chapter 2 on my clean BGT install, and I believe farther on Chevalier's more heavily modded BGT (BP?) install.


There are two things to be aware of before installing and playing the BGT side of v12.

  1. There are between 8 and 10 spots scattered over as many NPCs where we are tracking a problem with Player-Initiated-Dialogues. Chevalier just ran into one where he suddenly had an NPC repeatedly come up and initiate a PID, so that he had to save the game and come and get answers beore proceeding. Each of these is related to the special timers set for "no-condition dialogs", in this case Kivan expecting the party to have found the bandit camp and warning the player that they need to get a move on. These don't show up in Tutu, because we disable some of them, and because some of them have been repaired in BGT when Ascension64 cleaned up the scripts (I have learned alot looking at what he did to do this, and it is damn impressive work). They show up more frequently in BGT because NEJ et al mean much more time is spent in-game before Chapter 5 than on a usual Tutu install, so there are more chances to get these timers expired.
    The fix for this is easy: CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("X#JCLEAN",GLOBAL",1)
    Unfortunately, we are still researching how this will effect the BG1 NPC dialogues; your game will continue fine, but we don't know what BG1 NPC dialogues may be skipped over yet. This re-enables all 10 or so no-condition dialogues, and may mean that PIDs will not fire; instead you will repeatedly get the non-conditional dialogue each time you click on the NPC. We need to research and test a game with the problem; it can be done on the fly by repairing specific lines in BCS files.
  2. There is a persistent "difficulty" (expected behavior for the original game which has unanticipated side effects for modders) in both BG1 NPC and BGT where reputation forces neutral characters to leave at extremes of Reputation. Since BG1 NPC introduces relatively small rewards, augmented by reputation gains and decreases based on player choice, the opportunity for your mixed-alignment party to break up is greatly increased. The most infamous (and only clearly documented) example of this is the "Jaheira Quest Bug", where you do everything she wants, and 75% of the way through her quest, she takes off because you have too high a reputation.
    The current "fix" for this is to either install a "Happy Patch" from another mod like BG2 Tweak Pack, so that folks don't up and quit on you, manually change your HAPPY.2DA, or install a mod that changes Jaheira to "Neutral Good". This happens on both BGT and Tutu, but again as there is longer in-game time on a BGT install, the likelyhood of BGT players running into this is much greater.

Long Story Short: Please don't be scared off by the Beta3 designation. If you have the time and inclination, try it out - as far as we can tell, the only materials that have problems are easily worked around, and until someone plays the mod and reports the difficulties, we can't remove the Beta status!

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