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Bas Rutten as Minsc?


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I had never heard of this guy until someone at Planet Baldur's Gate pointed out he'd be a natural for the role of Minsc if a Baldur's Gate movie were ever made. (Which it never will be, but it's still fun to think about.) Whadya think?


He's a former Ultimate Fighting champion, and bouncer extraordinaire: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bas_Rutten

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Well, the fact that the D&D movie did get made and was a dismal flop might have something to do with it, heh!


On the other hand, LotR was a booming success, and television shows such as Xena and Hercules had long successful runs. The Conan movies did well. The moviegoing public definitely has a perennial appetite for Sword and Sorcery type of escapism. I'm sure some studio executives do see potential money to be made. But Baldur's Gate will never be made with the budget of a blockbuster. I don't see any of the major studios execs risking their careers to fund a movie based on a computer game. BG has a far better than average story by video game standards, but it's hardly going to win any literary awards.


With CGI becoming increasingly standard in the moviemaking process, if the costs get low enough a film like BG actually might get made one day by a smaller, relatively independent, more risktaking type of studio. I would think it would also depend on the Sword Coast region remaining a hugely popular setting for the next several generations of computer games.


On a related note, I hope Tolkien's son and New Line do work out a deal for Jackson to make the Hobbit. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/30085 It'd be a shame if Jackson doesn't make the film with Ian McKlellen and Christopher Lee, neither of whom is getting any younger. (I would think they'll have to find a younger Bilbo than Ian Holm.)


Who else would you cast in a Baldur's Gate movie?

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I'm not sure he could deliver the line:

"Hold! Let my Hamster get a better look at you!"

with quite the right aplomb.


I watched that video with a bit of "man, this guy is lucky he never actually had to do this stuff." Grabbing a pitol indeed... er, shooter pulls back and shoots you. Just because he has a gun doesn't make him STUPID.

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He worked for years as a bouncer, who knows what he actually had to do during that time. I'm sure they routinely teach techniques for situations like that also in the more street fighter type of martial arts schools. Any case, I'm sure someone in the bouncer biz always needs to have a plan for whatever may come up. (If certain laws don't allow them to carry guns themselves on the premises.)

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they could have Bas Rutten play Minsc but have Jim Cummings do a voice over, they did it in 'Tarzan, Eorl of Greystoak', Andy Mac Dowell played Jane but Glenn Close did the voice. (other such examples are found in numerous films)


A BG movie, yes i would go see it, its hell of a lot better than some other movies out there. great story, great characters, magic, betrayal, murder, trechery, swords, romance (well if its BG2), monsters, corruption, empressive scenery, and all that good stuff, um did i miss anything out? and Boo, i forgot Boo. but that is a little beside the point. yes if the made a BG movie Bas Rutten would be a most fitting Minsc.

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Producer: Base a motion picture on a computer game? Ridiculous! That would be like making a movie about a ride at an amusement park.


Assistant: *in a hissing whisper* Psst! Boss! Pirates of the Carribean made millions.


Producer: Say, maybe I should just take a quick look at that script.

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OK, gentlemen, get writing. Chop, chop!


Just kidding, there. Sort of. The key to the success of this one would be a combination of good writing, good marketing skills, and good luck.


Lara Croft had the advantage of this one, here, though: a single sexy heroine and a clearly defined target audience. With Baldur's Gate, you've got a storyline that's no worse than many, but you have a lot of different ways to go with it. Plus, your target audience is quite diverse.


So let's entertain this digression. Assuming you did the whole thing from Candlekeep to the final battle of ToB in one go, who would you cast for the various roles? Besides Minsc, of course? And which NPCs would you include? What would be the race and class of the protagonist? How about modded NPCs (Kelsey, Xan, and Kivan leap to mind, here)?


PC: :)

Jaheira: don't know

Khalid: David Wenham (don't laugh--think about Carl in VanHelsing)

Minsc: well, duh

Dynaheir: no clue

Keldorn: Sean Connery (could it be anyone else?)


Other roles that might be fun to think about: Anomen, Edwin, Nalia, Yoshimo, Irenicus, Bodhi, Ellisime, Melissan, Aran Linvale, Salvanus (what the heck), Jan, Tamoko, Sarevok, Elminster, Ribald, Valygar, Tolgieras, Mazzy, Gorion, any others you might think of

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Actually, as a action movie, I think BG1 would work better. It also is better from a starting the series cheap perspective (no dragons). The scene where the Candlekeep watch take your party prisoner would be... heartwrenching. And you can add in as many side-qusts as the movie has time for.


The writer would, in both games, have to choose just which alignment path would be needed to make the plot best. And I think a Heroine would be cooler than a Hero. But then you miss out on an Aerie romance in the second movie.

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But then you miss out on an Aerie romance in the second movie.


Which is bad, because? :)



This is not a problem. We just let Aerie and Haer Dalis become a couple. Then we get to watch as she gets seriously POed with Haer, dumps him, and still becomes all the stronger for it. =)


Seriously, I actually did like how that romance ended. I hate Haer, but like Aerie, and Aerie actually grew a huge backbone from the experience.

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