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Why is Imoen a mage?


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I thought I'd install the v12beta, and Imoen was suddenly a mage. This was not surprising, because I've run across it before, after about every installation, but I never remember what I do to fix it.


This time, I ran BG1 NPC kit selection again. I'm hoping that will fix the problem. I'm not thrilled with Imoen as a mage in BG2, so I appreciate the chance to have her as a Swashbuckler in BG1.


Is there an easier way to do this?

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OK, I will look tonight, but we copy the existing .cres; I am assuming that another mod has changed the .cre file. EasyTutu creates the NPC _imoen.cre, _imoen2.cre, etc; we do not patch kit, class, or anything like that in BG1 NPC code. I run straight EasyTutu, degreenifier, and then Macready's Kits, so that Imoen is a Swashbuckler... I have not had her ever start as a Mage. If you want to, send me your WeiDU.LOG, and I will look for the component that might be doing this!

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I think I read somewhere that ToB-style NPCs (from BG2Tweaks) could cause this type of mixup.


Hmm, the v2 BG2Tweaks changelist has this: "Fixed bug with ToB-Style NPCs on BGT games where the Imoen in BG was being copied from her BG2 incarnation" - so I guess that's unrelated.


By mage, do you mean single-class mage? If so, Imoen has probably reverted to her prologue .cre - if you ctrl-q that incarnation (IIRC) you'll find she's a mage with much lower stats than the "normal" Immy. Though I'm not sure why / how she'd have been reverted in that manner - are you perchance using the "choose npc skills and proficiencies component" of SCS?

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Thanks, cmorgan, but I think Gorilym has the answer.


I am not sure if I am using the latest version of BG2 Tweaks *and* I have ToB-style NPCs *and* I have the 'choose NPC stats and proficiencies' part of SCS. So it all makes sense.


In other words, I've got Immy with her prologue .cre, cruddy stats, and absolutely no proficiencies. I'm not surprised. I can usually manage to mangle anything.


I was going to start a new game anyway. I wanted to do a really thorough Tutu run through, looking for appropriate interjection points.


Sounds like a good opportunity to just start over with the latest versions of everything.

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I'm reasonably sure that this isn't SCS's fault. I don't rearrange the creature files at all, I just lower their experience. Looking at the tp2 file for the TweakPack, I think they've accidentally put "imoen.cre" rather than "imoen1.cre", which would cause your problem.

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Probably. But just to be safe, I skipped the ToB-style NPCs (with Tweaks, not SCS).


Worse comes to worst, I'll probably just go ahead and re-install that part of BG1 NPC Kit. I think I've done that before with no ill effect.


You're right. It probably isn't anything SCS, specifically, did, but I might not have noticed if I didn't have to level her up when she joined. Which would have been even more of a headache, if I kept trying to tell her to be a thief and she wasn't.


This is just another manifestation of the "JML" factor (Just My Luck).

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Well, starting over and following the recommended installation order in the BG1 NPC readme, I've got a nice, functional game again, with everyone where they're supposed to be.


And thanks to the troubles, I've also got some cool new NPC portraits (saw some of Plasmocat's portraits--great stuff), which is always nice.


So, all things considered, success.

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berelide, could you toss a line over to the Tweaks folks, just to make sure someone double-checks? With all of the cool new stuff, I temporarily can't keep up with the posts on other forums, so I bet that the folks involved with Tweaks would like either a. confirmation that the TOB style stuff uses the correct .cre (if DavidW was looking at the older version) or that b. it still needs to be fixed (if DavidW was looking at the new version :) ).


I have abandoned the TOB stuff for DavidW's stuff, myself, as it is more flexible, but as you state in the ReadMe David it still makes sense to allow it for the NPCs that are not covered!

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Just to note -- I also experienced this bug with the BG1NPC and BG2 Tweaks mods installed (but without SSC). Imoen appears as a mage with 12/10/9/12/12/10 stats.


EDIT: from reading the BG2 Tweaks forum, obviously the problem has nothing to do with the BG1NPC mod.

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