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Friendly Kobold?


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It's a "smarter Kobolds" component, remember? And what's the smart thing for a kobold to do: attack the party of heavily armed adventurers (because that's worked sooo well throughout kobold history), or stand quietly in the corner and play on humans' well-known dislike of slaughtering creatures that don't fight back?


...okay, okay, it's a bug. Thanks!

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FWIW, I didn't encounter that in my runthrough. I did appreciate seeing those DSotC kobolds again, though. With the 'nome stickas' and shamans, and comandos, and whatnot. Much more fun than the vanilla Nashkel mines.


If you want to consider any further tweaks, here's some AD&D core book material to server as inspiration :)


"The kobold approach to combat uses overwhelming odds or trickery."


"Kobolds attack in overwhelming waves. Should the kobolds be reduced to only a three to two ratio in their favor, they must make a morale check."


"[Kobolds] will think twice about attacking humans, elves, or dwarves unless the kobolds outnumber them by at least two to one."


"[Kobolds] especially dislike gnomes and attack them on sight."


"Kobolds are wary of spellcasters and will aim for them when possible."


"[Kobolds] often hurl javelins and spears, preferring not to close until they see that their enemies have been weakened."


"This diminutive race also enjoys setting up concealed pits with spikes, crossbows, and other mechanical traps. They usually have view ports and murder holes near these traps so that they can pour flaming oil, missile weapons, or drop poisonous insects on their victims."


Might be fun to have kobold shamans cast Summon Insects and Insect Plague, especially upon the party's spellcasters.


I have no idea what is scriptable with the Infinity Engine, but in those tight, narrow passages the mines where the kobolds spawn, would it be possible to include invisible crossbows and oils of explosion that unleash upon the party when a trap is tiggered?

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