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Complete List of Content for Auren V4


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Beware. Some of this stuff may have spoilers. You've been warned! :)



Auren is a female human fighter from Beregost. V4 features:


- A friendship with the PC that includes several voiced banters and a force talk "flirt-like/friendlies" option where you can click on Auren anytime and talk to her (or poke her, or smile at her, etc).

- A NPC romance with Nalia if Nalia is in the party

- Banters with most of the Bioware NPCs.

- Most lines voiced by the talented Feuille, Kain, and Revan's Shadow.

- Many many interjections

- Tree of Life dialogue that actually works without crashing.

- A fun encounter if Auren is romancing Nalia that leads to a quest in the "in progress" ToB portion of the mod.

- 3 beautiful portraits to choose from.

- ToB not required! Also available for Mac OS.

- A decent dual wielding fighter that's great to have (you know, in case you have to fight in the game )

- A cheerful, friendly but not annoying NPC who won't bash your PC in the face for simply looking at her with a sense of humor.

- Her own custom sword that will be upgradable in ToB

- An original soundtrack consisting of 2 songs that can be downloaded separately for listening pleasure.

- An extremely good looking author! (jk)

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