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Fixpack Beta 3 Released


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The BG2 Fixpack is a WeiDU compilation of fixes for Baldur's Gate II. With the disappearance of Kevin Dorner and the cessation of activity of the Baldurdash fixpack for BG2, several modders and myself began working on a new WeiDU fixpack to address the numerous bugs that have been identified since Baldurdash. This collaborative effort, including the work of modders from several different modding communities, has resulted in a fixpack that currently includes all of the fixes addressed by Baldurdash (including the Game Text Update) and several hundred new bugfixes. The project is ongoing, and we're working through a substantial list of bugs culled from various sites, the old Baldurdash forums, and our own research.


Beta 3 includes a slew of new fixes as well as addressing miscellaneous issues found since the last release. Additional Script Fixes has been added as a new OBC component and Corrected Summoned Demon Behavior has been moved out of the core and into OBC.


Relevant links:

Changlog from Beta 2 to Beta 3:

  • Moved Corrected Summoned Demon Behavior into an Optional But Cool component and fixed a missing IDS entry in the scripts
  • The duplicate holy symbol fix was not being applied to trueclass clerics
  • Reworked the Unseeing Eye XP Exploit, Quest Breakage fix slightly
  • Fixed an error in the Miscellaneous Slums Events Not Occurring fix
  • Updated errors in Spanish translation, from Immortality of Clan DLAN
  • Two previous fixes for 'no valid links or replies' issues in Watcher's Keep were rolled back; the NPCs Do Not Comment on Watcher's Keep Events in the Shadows of Amn Portion of the Game fix already addresses them
  • Old debug code was preventing the Rogues Receiving Final THAC0 Bonus One Level Late fix from working
  • The Anomen Has Access to Evil-Alignment Cleric Spells After Changing to Good Alignment fix was not working due to missing files
  • Trimmed some scripts from the mass script fix, as they were false positives for bugs
  • Old code was overwriting spin678.spl as part of the romance fixes
  • Removed old code for ar0603.bcs and tele0700.bcs (bug was confirmed as fixed by the official patch, but Fixpack code was never removed)
  • PC Unable to Re-Enter Bodhi's Lair After First Task fix was not working due to a missing script append
  • The Lesser Clay Golems in Opening Dungeon Could be Killed Twice fix was only being applied to one of the two golems
  • Keldorn's ToB script fixes were being applied to SoA games, resulting in an unused keld25.bcs in the override folder of SoA-only installs
  • Empathic Manifestation Can Be Defeated by Resting Outside fix was not working due to a missing script append
  • Added the Underark beholder lair to the Incorrect Party Orientation When Entering Areas fix
  • Doors Not Consuming Keys fix no longer applies to the Symbol of Amaunator and Sekolah's Tooth
  • Fixpack was failing to change an otyugh's class to otyugh due to a typo
  • Anath and Other Lycanthropes Well-Nigh Invincible fix expanded to include any lycanthrope using ringloup.itm instead of just Anath
  • A few copies were being done via regular expression and pulling files from biffs instead of the overrides
  • Enchantment Level Errors and Magically Created Weapons Have Zero Weight fixes now only attempt to copy items that change instead of all of them
  • Poison-less dagger from Neb's Dagger Fixes no longer tries to recharge
  • Staff of the Magi Errors fix was calling the wrong animation resource
  • Beast Master's Find Familiar Not Displaying Warning in Tutorial fix was actually making the problem worse by preventing the familiar entirely due to a code typo
  • Monster Summoning III Fixes fix was still not correcting the probability
  • Redid the Juggernaut Golem Lacks Weapon and Immunities fix so that it would not leave unnecessary cruft in the creature file
  • A few trolls were being misclassed as Monster in their general field instead of the proper value of Giant Humanoid
  • Fixed errors in Hold Immunity Doesn't Suppress All Hold Effects and Negative Plane Protection Doesn't Suppress All Level Drain Effects fixes; they were mis-indexing effects on items with multiple abilities, which can cause crashes on OS X
  • Short Bow +1 Errors was not correcting the weight of the item
  • Items With Incorrect Icons fix expanded to include several more items
  • Helm Temple Graphics Fix was redone, as it was causing sporadic crashes
  • Errors in Spell Animations was not fixing the Aura of Flaming Death animation due to a typo in the code
  • Super Happy Lucky Modder Pack now assigns area scripts to areas that don't follow convention, i.e. ar0021.are is altered to use ar0021.bcs as an area script instead of ar0004.bcs
  • Added Additional Script Fixes as a new Optional But Cool component
  • Additional Game Text Update fixes
  • Under-the-hood changes for the Shadows of Amn Worldmap Fixes; area links were re-ordered so that the follow the same order directional order for every entry
  • Expanded the Missing Sound Files fix to include additional files from BG
  • Fixed bug where some spells were getting their effects mis-indexed as part of fixes: Cone of Cold Fixes, Conjure Earth/Air Elemental Fixes, Summon Hakeashar Fixes
  • New Fixes:
    • Spellcasters Missing Triggers for Casting Dispel Magic
    • Creatures Not Casting Spells Due to Null References
    • Scripted Banters Could Prompt Wrong Banter
    • Malformed Allegiance Checks
    • Fleeing Githyanki Not Hasted
    • Enemy Spell Triggers Not Working
    • Mages Not Properly Responding to Cloak of Fear
    • Opening Dungeon Shadow Thief Script Errors
    • Mages Not Responding to Party Buff Spells
    • Suldanessellar Rakshasas Have Many Spellcasting Errors
    • Missing Teleports in Promenade Cutscene
    • References to Non-Existent and Dropped Spells
    • Undroppable Portal Key Could Trap Party in Opening Area
    • Firetooth Missing Minimum Strength Requirements
    • Armor of Faith Issues
    • Spells Lacking Animations
    • Using Ranger Tracking Will Permanently Increase the Number of Uses Available
    • Spells Not Setting Miscast Effects for Divine Magic
    • Enemy Entangle Spells Not Causing Entangle Icons
    • Protection From Evil Has Incorrect Duration
    • Monster Summoning I and II Have Incorrect Duration
    • Enemy Versions of Symbol Spells Lacked Casting Sounds
    • Dimension Door Lacked Sound Effect
    • Raissa Multiple XP Exploit
    • Imprisoned Summons Counting Against Summoning Cap
    • Shield Amulet Does Not Protect Against Magic Missile
    • Items And Spells Lacking Miscast Magic and Spell Failure Icons
    • Holy Power's Effects Not Scaling to Level 20
    • Areas Using Old Baldur's Gate Area Scripts
    • Lavok Dies Too Quickly if Moved Outside

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