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Divine Remix v4 Released, changelog included


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Version 4 of the Divine Remix has been released. The Divine Remix is a large mod, focused on the divine spellcasting classes (clerics, druids, rangers, and paladins), designed to enhance roleplaying by expanding the options available to players. The Divine Remix aims to rebalance and change several aspects of divine-magic-using classes in Baldur's Gate (via BG1Tutu) and Baldur's Gate II. The mod originally began as Cleric Remix. Version 4 adds two new clerical kits and numerous bugfixes.


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Changelog for v4:

  • Implemented groups (Cleric Remix, Druid Remix, Ranger Remix) to simplify install options
  • Removed spell fixes; with public availability of the BG2 Fixpack they're redundant
  • A lot of code is now implemented via macros and included files, to simplify the tp2 code for maintainability as well as allow third-party mods to use the sphere system
  • Applying sphere system to third-party divine mods has additional safeguards to prevent install failure when trying to patch non-existent files
  • Added cleric version of 'Scribe Scrolls' HLA for Lorekeepers
  • Added Feywarden of Corellon and Strifeleader of Cyric kits
  • Fixed bug with Druid Remix Core components failing to install due to errors when patching alignmnt.2da
  • Fixed bug where Branwen and Viconia could not be kitted if not installed at the same time as their respective cleric kits
  • Viconia can now be kitted on SoA-only installs
  • Alignment-based spell restrictions have been broadened

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