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Does it ever bother you...


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...that we never see the party sitting around a campfire, or conversing in their supposedly "rented" room for the night at an inn. Does it irk you that you click on the innkeeper, tell him you want a royal room, and it just shows that bedroom with the mouse running across the room and you wake up and you're still in the same place?


In real life, a party would have to get to know each other by talking once in a while. I'm sure that random people screaming in battle doesn't really acquaint them with each other. Perhaps this would be something like a banter-add on but wouldn't it be cool if we had some cutscenes and banters of the group sitting around a fire or hanging out in their rooms on random occasions when they rest?

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Neat idea.


For some sort of ideal version of this, you could have the Banter Pack interjections that randomly fire when resting take place during such a cutscene. If you rest at an inn, the cutscene should be of the serving area of that particular inn (presumably the party is enjoying a meal and/or round of drinks before retiring). When camping outdoors match the scene to the basic type of location.


* wilderness campfire

* dungeon

* cave

* inn (specific)

* Borland's home in Beregost

* ? other

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Not necessarily a remix of an already released mod. New dialog. But it could be maybe a mix of NPC banters and NPC/PC interactions.


At an inn:

Edwin: The swill that passes for wine in this dive was abominable. (And the glasses were so small!)


Haer'Dalis: A paradox, to be sure. Yet the pleasures of the prime can not be categorized by vintage.


Edwin: Ah, but the wine here certainly can: all inferior.


PC: 1 Gentlemen, tomorrow is going to be a long day. I suggest we get some sleep.

2 Maybe it wasn't so dreadful, but maybe we should try somewhere else tomorrow.


(Party Rests)


OK, it was a poorly thought out banter, but you get the idea.

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Anything that increases the character interaction will be welcome by most players. As Wiz's reaction illustrates, it's impossible to please everyone with a single characterization. All of us conceive of the NPCs somewhat differently. But that's hardly a good reason to not add crossbanter.


If only there were a 'Dummy's Guide for Writing IE Conversations' that strips the basic procedure for coding conversations down to the most essential, bare bones protocol--and makes it easily understandable and useable by almost anyone. There's a core of enthusiastic fans who are non-coders like myself, berlinde, et al, who could contribute a lot of new content. We just lack the coding background.

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Actually, I think this could really be fun.


Imagine a cutscene of Imoen, Nalia and Aerie in ToB whispering excitedly together as the PC enters from the Guy's room... and all blushing and going quiet when the PC comes in to tell Aerie that next time, the party is getting 3 rooms, because Sarevok snores and Anomen gets all righteous about being woken by it.


Aerie: So, you're getting Sarevok a room to himself?

PC: Are you crazy? No, the third room will be for you and I, so I don't have to listen to it!

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It is a great idea, but IMHO a standalone mod will be too much, better add something to BG2Tweak or something...


Just my 2 cents


Was thinking maybe it could be combined with the ToB goodbye extension.


Sounds like a reasonable idea, should I ever get round to making it.

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Actually, I was thinking along similar lines, but adding cut scenes is well beyond anything I could do at this point.


I'm fairly confident that I could handle simple banters before rest, but not cutscenes or areas.


To get the most realistic feel, of course, you'd want a cutscene to a new area, bedroom or campsite, and have any dialogs start there, but that's well beyond my abilities.

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