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Bugs in version 2.1


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The mysterious "tilesets not unpacking" -issue


At this point I don't know why this is happening for some (at least for two) users.


If the game crashes after you use 'the map' in Amber's third quest, it indicates that the area graphics (tilesets) were not unpacked during the installation. Becaeuse the unpacking has to be handled via a separate .bat file instead of in WeiDU the installation won't stop even if there's an error. If you come across this issue any information you can provide would be very helpful:


During gameplay, can you hear the Amber's voicing?

During gameplay, can you hear Amber's custom music playing during Amber's talks?

(So that I know if it's just the tilesets or audio as well that's refusing to unpack.)


Is there a file called tisunpack.exe in your override folder?

Is there a file called m#ar01.tiz or m#ar01.tis in your override folder?


What version of widows you're running?

What firewall and/or antivirus program you have? (I ask because I suspect that it's possible that a overzealous safety program or setting might prevent unknown .bat files from prompting programs, like tisunpack.exe. Though, that didn't seem to be the cause in SkyWolfs case.)


Can I have a copy of Amber's debugfile (setup-amber.debug)? You can send it to <amber@welho.net>.

Can I have a copy of weidu.log? (I don't think that this is a conflict issue, but since I have no clue what's causing this it's better to look for even to unlikely suspects.)


In some cases simply uninstalling and then installing Amber again has solved the issue (Ie. the tilesets failing to unpack has been simply a very, very annoying hiccup.)


If you do uninstall and install again, can you please take a look on the text displayed in the command prompt window, before WeiDU asks if you want to install the multiplayer friendly flirting? If you see a long list that indicates what tile number has been converted and below the list a text that informs that so and so many tiles has been converted with method 0, so and so with method 1 etc. the tilesets have been successfully converted. If and when there's an error or warning text can you tell me what it says? (Unfortunately the .bat file that prompts the unpacking of the audio and area graphics can't be made to create an debug log of itself like WeiDU does.)


This issue can be discussed in this topic:

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A note for Mac OS users:


There is no 'official' Mac version of Amber available yet. However, if you decide to tinker the .tp2 and the audio & graphics unpacking procedure yourself and install Amber in your mac, you should replace all instances of the trigger AreaCheckObject() by InActiveArea() in the area scripts. For unknown reason AreaCheckObject() crashes the mac game if it ever returns untrue. So, at this point it's not recommended to install Amber in Mac.


As far as I know, this has not caused any problems in Windows versions of the game, but I will replace the triggers nevertheless for next version.


This issue has been discussed in this topic.




Next version of Amber will be available for mac users as well.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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