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Monster Summoning and Animate Dead


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With the BG2 engine isn't it possile to use BG2's version of these spells? It would add to the challenge to limit the number of summoned creatures to five.


I just completed the game with a relatively unconventional party that lacked strong tanks, and for the final battle it helped me considerably with Sarevok to be able to use a wand of moster summoning to keep him distracted with about two dozen creatures. Sarevok's AI appeared to be improved by SCS in that Sarevok made a beeline toward my injured wild mage PC (and surely would have cut him down in a couple strokes if he had caught up to him). IIRC in vanilla BG Sarevok always attacks the nearest creature. Anyway, the many monsters I summoned made it harder for Sarevok to negotiate a path towards the injured PC.


One of BG1's shortcomings is its overpowered monster/undead summoning, and if it's possible to change it to BG2's system that will make using those spells seem less cheesey. I stopped using wands of monster summoning and monster summoning spells in BG1 (both vanilla and Tutu) long ago because I felt they were unbalancing. Now with the improved AI of SCS, and especially with the party that's weak on tanks, those summoning spells seemed more justified. It was fun to use them again. But using the BG2 versions of the spells would make the game feel more balanced (to me).

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IIRC summoning spells do work like in BG2 on bare-bones TuTu, ie they're nerfed in power and subject to a summoning cap of 5, which I guess is why Tutufix includes a "BG1 Summoning Spells" component. Does EasyTutu include such changes as part of the standard configuration perhaps?

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