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Insanely annoying Bug


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Ok, my first post here, so hello guys!


I want to report a bug and hope that you can help me in some way, a short workaround would suite my needs, but maybe you can fix this in future releases. I hope that I can help (even more! it is great!) improving your mod by this :)!


I'm playing BGT and I'm currently in Irenicus dungeon, still first level. The problem is, that Imoen is constantly trying to chat with me, she says:

Imoen is a little quiet for her. Funnily enough, you do not know all that much about your oldest friend. Perhaps this is a good time to find out what Imoen is all about.
Yeah, and then I've got to possible answeres.

I can't get rid of it! Whether I say 1 or 2, it makes no difference! The cuntinuosly appearing again, in intervals of like 2 or 3 seconds.


I hope that you can help, maybe you can do something about that with global variabels, but I dont have a clue of that...

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Yup, you have definitely go a known problem there... you are using v11 for BGT, which is supported over at www.SpellholdStudios.net, but luckily Chevalier, Sir BillyBob, and I are tackling this difficulty on v12. In a few weeks, you will be able to upgrade, and everything will be fine on the new version. Unfortunately, it is still not ready for primetime, so...


on v11, BGT, to fix this you need to go back to the save right before you go on to SoA, and uninstall BG1 NPC Project v11. This will allow you to have the BG2 discussions! None of the materials for the project are designed for BG2, so once BG1 content is finished uninstall the mod.



Make sure you check in over at SHS too :)


[for those keeping track]


The problem Chevalier identified was the reverse of the above problem. With some install orders, in BGT all of the BG2 dialogues which have no conditions fire instead of PIDs. On others, depending on order, the BG2 initial no-condition BG2 dialogues are replaced by PID talks. His research put a community answer (ok, SimDing0 and then we all piled on :D ) of "add global !Global("endofBG1","GLOBAL",2) to shut down every BG1 NPC dialogue in BG2, and then patch any that interfere with PIDs to have the condition Global("endofBG1","GLOBAL",2) ".


Current internal testing version installs on BGT with the !Global("endofBG1","GLOBAL",2) added to evey BAF and D (especially CHAIN ) in the BGT versions fine. We are just at the point of identifying the BG2 no-condition talks which fire insead of PIDs on the BG1 side; this should tackle the problem whichever install order is used. The two other items to be tackled before full release are the Wait at an Inn component patching of P files (the BGT ones are all different) and the Move Starting Locations (which are in for review by The Bigg and Ascension64).

[/for those keeping track]

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