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DLG file version


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Looking at DLG files for the games I have installed:

BG1:TotS : V1.0

BG2:ToB : V1.0

PST : V1.0

IWD:TotL : V1.0

IWD2 : V1.0


So why then, does the IESDP have a DLG file version V1.09 (which doesn't fit in the 4 byte version field)?

Are all DLG versions the same, or are they really different?

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I have a feeling someone invented that version number to fit the very slight changes in BG2's implementation of the DLG format.


Those minor changes are:

- Adds pause control flag dword at 0x30

- Adds three new journal entry bits (6, 7 and 8) to the transition (response) flags.


Additionally, some games (BG series) prefer EOL characters at the end of each trigger/action line, but not at the end of a trigger/action block, and other games (IWD series) allow triggers/actions to exist on the same logical line. I don't know about PST's behavior in this regard, but it's either one or the other.


The basic structure has remained unchanged throughout the lifetime of the IE so the header always says 1.0. Jon Olav addressed this in NI by doing game checks wherever data varied from one game to the next, since the version string isn't a consistently reliable indicator.


The DLG 1.09 entry in IESDP is the most complete. I suggest using it as the sole reference (but renamed to 1.0) and making internal notes regarding differences between various games. This would fit in with the IESDP's categorizing of data files according to their version strings, and noting game differences within those files where necessary.

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Guest Edheldil

It would be appropriate to put this info in the DLG format file, not only here. For example, the 1.09 format file lies about the signature string - it's certanly not 1.09

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It was an invented version number, to reflect the differences between bg1 and bg1 dlg formats. (Not my invention).

I think we can safely call it 1.09, with the note of Signature and Version are two different things.

I think this differentiation was done only in regards of dlg, though there are many other formats where a distinction should be made.

An alternative would be to use V1.1 (PST) vs. V1.1 (IWD).

Maybe that's better.

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A page for each engine's file spec may make sense, but I think the current method (a page for each file version, with engine specific notes) is clear enough. A utterly made up version number is ridiculous IMO.

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