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Found a couple of minor bugs in v2.1


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I recently decided to try Amber and just picked her up last night. So far I think she's pretty impressive, but I have noticed a couple of minor bugs. First, her +2 Buckler is only worth 1 gp to any merchant I visit. Perhaps this was intentional, but it does seem rather odd. Secondly, I had equipped her with Gauntlets of Ogre Power before we went on the search for her bracelet, and when she got & auto-equipped it the gauntlets disappeared from the party completely.


At any rate thanks for providing this mod - I'm really looking forward to playing it! :mad:

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I'll change the buckler price for the next version. :)


The bracelet thing is caused by a limitation of the engine that destroys (instead dropping to the inventory) the previously equipped item when I create the bracelet to the wrist slot. I believe this could be avoided via extensive scripting, that would include a piece of script for every single item that you can equip to the bracelet slot. Since it does make sense story wise that Amber would sell or trade the bracers that your character gave her in order to get her own bracelet back, I have decided not to code a workaround for it. Don't give items to a thief lightly! :)

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