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The Always Amusing Euphemism Generator!

Grim Squeaker

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I just found this site: http://walkingdead.net/perl/euphemism


Some of stuff it's come up with are just ridiculously silly...


'Skinning the tiny technicolor wookie.'


'Yodeling in the groceries.'


'Lurking in the dermal pork canoe.'


'Flossing the orange ham wombat'


Feel free to post any gems it comes up with (no euphemism intended...).

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'digesting the sweaty goggles.'


Sounds like something Jan'd do.  :O

well, they could be made of dried turnip skin..


and if things got bad enough, like the western cowboys, who ate their boots if they were starving, i could see jan munching on his goggles... :rant::):O

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