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Did you/I move Coran's starting point?


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Errrm ... sorry about that. Can I CLUA him in?


Edited to add:

I'm carrying around a dead Immy until I pick up Coran, then I'm going back to Friendly Arm to get her resurrected.

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Check your PM -- and sure, you should be able to CLUA him in. I would check your override folder and decide which version you want in before doing that, just to make sure... I am just about done my lunch, so have to head back in to the trenches, but probably can check this evening if you are not in a rush.


erm.. well, that is if you don't mind Ctr-Y ing his second spawn if he shows up later on...

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I can pick up Ajantis at his usual point but I can't CLUA him in.


By using CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("BRANWE") I can get hundreds of Branwens.


Eldoth was missing on the Coastal Way where I'd told the installer to put him. Coran's missing totally.


Edited to add:


Coran's wyvern dialog is there, Coran isn't. Weird.

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Hey, Silk, are you using Tutu? 'Cause the .cre names are different than what you describe in Tutu... Branwen is




so you would need to create "_BRANWE"...


You definitely need to check your override for the correct .cre names.


If you are using BGT and a rebuilt tp2, stop now and use the PM 'cause it most certainly will be a very, very, very, VERY unhappy experience with a hacked version of the tp2 up on the development wikki. Sir BillyBob, Ascension64, Chevalier and I have had several weeks of revisions, and it even got to the point where I did the unthinkable, and put an EasyTutu_TOB and a BGT install on the same drive and ran comparison checks.


Hey, either way, .zip or .rar your WeiDU.LOG and your SETUP-BG1NPC.DEBUG files, and send them to svowles at comcast dot net, and I will take a look tonight if I can :mad:



EDIT: I meant 'unthinkable' as in I began learning about this modding stuff last April, and have barely scratched the surface of Tutu. I never expected to make enough headway to get though Tutu stuff let alone BG2/BGT etc. ;).

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Of course I'm using Tutu.


Okay, will check the override file and see what I can come up with.



Edited to add:


GOT HIM!!!!!!


Thanks and sorry for being out of touch with BG for a while.

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Tutu creature names:























































EDIT: Glad you got him, but please send me that debug stuff -- each of them should be working, and i am worried beyond measure at the fact that he wasn't there (and *really* worried if Eldoth isn't on the Caost Way if you moved him... :mad: )

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I note Eldoth isn't on that list but that's okay since I don't actually remember who he is anyway.


But, as I said, I got Coran to spawn at the Friendly Arm. I really should have thought of that extra "_", I've had to use it enough when testing in BG2.

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Thank you very much for the debug files... I took a look, and it looks on the surface as if everything in BG1 NPC installed perfectly well. I am wondering, though, if there is an unanticipated mod-order conflict with


~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #4020 // ToB-Style NPCs


I see that you installed a kit mod, then Tweaks, then BG1 NPC. I am not sure why that might cause a difficulty with an area spawn (although I need to tell the folks at Tweaks to check for _ELDOT# because that's where I grabbed the list :mad: .



I guess my suggestion is one that kind of stinks. I would start over from the EasyTutu point, rolling everything back (or just uninstall, delete the folder, and reinstall. The huge advantage of EasyTutu is you can do that quickly and efficiently! Just make sure you have your virus protection off). I would use the PM version, and install in the following order:

1. EasyTutu (that looks like what you used) or Tutu (you must use the TutuFix if using Tutu v4)

2. BG1 NPC

3. The added kit

4. Tweaks (go ahead and use the TOB-style ones in this order if you want).


(and I also suggest the final component be the BG1 GUI mod -- it is pretty cool!)


Then try a quick run to the obelisk and see if Eldoth is there. If he isn't, we have some serious debugging to do.


I do not suggest continuing with this particular game, because I don't know what else won't spawn if the main creatures don't -- we do not touch Coran, and he should be sitting on that bridge as always!

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*sighs* All right.


Looks like clean install time. BG2 was partially modded. I was play-testing a kit, which shouldn't have caused any problems but of course it may have.


I'll get back to you tomorrow as this will take a while to reinstall/cleanup correctly.


By the way, Eldoth is showing correctly in my override folder, just not spawning ... either that or I've walked right past him about six times.



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