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Tutu Weapon Proficiences


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All right, so I'm an idiot but I don't know what I did to create "Unused" in most of the weapon slots.


As noted above, I'm playing Tutu. The only mods I have installed are:



Reaver Kit (test kit - working perfectly)

BG Tweaks


They were also installed in that order.


Oh, installed over BG1 (5 disk version), TotSC, Patch, BG2, ToB, ToB Patch, then EasyTutu.


I've wandered through the Readme and I can't see which one would affect things the way they're affected.


So - :mad: - please?

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Tutu Proficiencies turns the statistics from the BG2 17+Styles to the BG1 8 set. In doing so, I had to unuse all of 9 proficiency types (or 13, if you don't want neither the Styles). However, I can't change the GUI to avoid displaying the unused proficiencies, so I had to resort to splattering UNUSED signals all over the place. Perhaps that wasn't the best solution, but it was all I could come up without bgmain.exe source code :mad:


(of course, I could have made it so that the unused ones were on the top, and you'd scroll down to find the styles withOUT having to read pages of UNUSED, but that's only an aesthetical thing).


PS: sorry for the incoherent writing style, I suppose ;)

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Thanks, that does explain it (sort of). It also explains how I've come to have stars in a few "Unused" slots. (Don't ask.)


Now, to throw a spanner in the works.


My first Tutu install was on a relatively lightly modded BG2 game and all the weapon proficiency slots showed correctly (since then I've had to reinstall Tutu with a clean install for various reasons). What BG2 mod would have caused that?

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