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auren's name messed up.


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There are a couple different ways this can happen.


By far, the nastiest to fix is if you accidentally try to install a mod with something open that uses the dialog.tlk file, like the game or a utility (I've heard reports of SK doing it, although I cannot confirm).


Another way is if you are using a saved game from a previous installation and have installed mods in a different order than previously.


Another way the strings can get messed up (and the name is a string) is if you are operating in multi-player mode on more than one computer, and you have installed the mods in different orders on different computers.


The last way I know of is if you have recently uninstalled something fairly early in your installation. Sometimes when the backup file reinstalls the mods, strange things happen to the strings.


Sometimes, this can be fixed using the string-fixer that is frequently, but not always packaged with NPC mods. There are different ways to access this, and it depends on the mod itself. Sometimes, the string fixer is activated by selecting a PID dialog option like "Your voice is strange." Other times you use a hot-key like CTRL-K or SHIFT-K or something (don't remember).


Anyway, I'm digging through the readme trying to find it for you. I haven't had to use it myself, so I've got to look it up.


Edit: It looks like you can use a PID (player-initiated-dialog) option to see if you can fix it without reinstalling. Good luck.

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