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Shoplifting 2 installer released, testers needed


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I'm glad to announce that Shoplifting 2 is released, now with a NSIS installer.

The mod is an experiment on gameplay and a new concept, I hope you enjoy it.




This is what the installer does:


- Creates backup folders of the following folders: override, characters, mpsave, portraits, sounds

- Changes default font to courier, and cache size to 300

- Installs Shoplifting 2 and the manual

- Creates shortcuts in the start menu and in the desktop

- Creates uninstaller that repairs all this and leaves the game as it was before the installation

- After installation, just click on the desktop icon to play (I used the old GameLauncher by Ken Baker)


The game is working ok, but still some tests are needed. Specially, I'm concerned about the level of difficulty. So, I'm looking for english testers: please contact me at cr@shoplifting2.com


If you'd like to join the development, wellcome! We'll need help in the following:

- The english translation. English version is provided, but it needs to be corrected.

- Suggestions are welcome, so what about new shops in the Shopping Centre?

- Is someone inspired to write a romance between the main characters?


:mad: Thanks!

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