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Gender-Sex mismatches

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Fun, intricate, incredibly boring stuff: I'm trying to resolve the numerous gender-sex mismatches flagged by the Debugger. For the most part, these are all gender: neither creatures with their sex set to male or female. To resolve this, the gender either needs to change to m/f or the sex to neither. So, in general, I need help answering this: should undead have a non-neither gender? How about beholders, elementals, trolls, demons, spiders, and genies?

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I'm going to look them up in the MM and see if it specifies a gender or if they are asexual somehow. Then I'll fix the mismatches accordingly. That's my typical pnp-first approach.


If you're going for what Bioware would have done, which isn't necessarily AD&D canon, you might as well just roll dice and assign a gender based on the outcome. :mad:

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Or you could base it on animation: genies look male, trolls look kind of male except for the big bad in the Druid quest, undead seem to look male, elementals aren't really either, and only other spiders and beholders know for sure.

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I reckon most of the beholders should be male. Female beholders (Hive Mothers) do exist, but are rare and also look slightly different. I'm not sure offhand about the beholder sub-types (like Gauths).


Likewise, demons should probably be male, except for those that are obviously female (Succubi, Marilliths, Alu-Fiends).


Low level Undead (skeletons and zombies) should probably be sexless, and the rest indicated by what their avatars look like.


Elementals should be sexless, except for the Elemental Princes, who should be as they're described.


Spiders probably female, as female spiders tend to be the big ones in real life.


Trolls, well, except for the plot specific ones, there you could take your pick. I don't think there's much physical difference there anyway.

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Sex can be checked with the SEX stat. It never is, however.


Sex has no effect on anything anywhere in the game. Ever. Unless a creature is definitely male or female and has the wrong sex, I'd suggest leaving it alone. There's just no point.

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