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BG2 in Linux


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It's running just fine on my computer (I had to install it thru Windows, though; BG1 and EasyTutu install fine with Wine; NSIS mods unpack OK, then you can use WeiDU-Linux for mod installation). You may get a few graphical and/or audio glitches, but nothing to worry about.


Configs I've tested:

Ubuntu 6.06 w/ Wine 0.9.20~22

Ubuntu 6.10 (beta) w/ Wine 0.9.22

I may also test it on my Debian 3.1 stable sometimes, but I don't think that its 192 Mb of RAM are enough :mad:


I didn't even have to crack the exe, all I needed was to mount my CD directory as a CD in BG2 (and not, say, as a hard disk or a network share). ISO images work just fine, obviously.

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