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Cromwell gets confused


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Hi, sorry to mention annother bug, but i'm loving this character too much to carry on without her! ;)


I was having a big clear-out of my inventory and came accross some stuff for cromwell. But when i tried talking to him it all got a bit messy when the conversation reached the bit about anber's gem bracelet (don't want to give too much away!) i started getting really bizzare coversation options, and he was calling me mazzy :) I clicked on a few just to test, and found myself making red dragon scale armour and upgrading a protection ring.


(I'm not sure if it is a problem with Amber, Auren Aseph, or weidu item upgrades... i post it here as Auren had nothing much to say to cromwell!)


Plaese let me repeat this mod rocks! :mad:

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Thanks for the hints, I've got the latest Amber, and I only got I_U a few months ago. I also have Sheena in this game and she may be causing the bug...(she's just not as well rounded as either Amber or Auren, I may dump her soon)



to "b" :mad:

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Usually, if you get really illogical and messed up dialogue options, it means that you have installed/uninstalled mods while the game or a game editor (such as nearinfinity) was running.


Can you confirm me that you have IU v.33 (or newer) installed? You can check the version number from the readme (README-ItemUpgrades.txt).


Can I have a copy of your WeiDU.log (it's in the main BG2 folder)? You can open it in a text editor and copy-paste it's contents her or send a copy to amber@welho.net

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