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Best 'underground' fantasy


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Hello everyone, especially novel-writers!


I'm looking for interesting, well-writen novels in fantasy style (but no FR or other "official" world). As you know, I'm translator, and want to try with something other than BG mods :mad: When I translate that novel, I will try to send it to biggest polish fantasy magazine (Nowa fantastyka).


But of course - you have got your author rights etc. I'm only translator - no cheats like a taking someone other novels et cetra..


Than if someone here is good writer, then call me ;)

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You're one cool dude. That's a really great *and generous* offer, and I hope someone takes you up on it. Usually, people have to pay good money for that.


Is there a reason you don't want to include FanFic? Some of it is really quite good.


I only wish I had something to send you.

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No, I was not using irony. I think your offer is indeed kind and generous, and I hope someone can take advantage of it. Translation is a valuable and usually expensive service.


You translate mods, I know, and I respect you for that.

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Yep, that's expensive. Hm... I'm not pro (I haven't got papers, translator education etc.) - I'm 16 years old :mad: But I'm one of main advisor in translating Midnight RPG Setting..


And is it generous? I also have got a little profit - I'm workin now for good reputation in fantasy translators. Maybe in future it will be my job ;)


Also if you know any good pages with novels etc. call me :)

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