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I think i found a typo...


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Hey! Im now translating BG1NPC.TRA and i found this in line @9: "A typical medieval shield resembles a triangle with one point facing downward"


It says "medieval shield" and it should be "medium shield". There was no medieval era in faerun, was there? :mad:


If i find anything else ill post it here too ;)


Cya soon!

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I am willing to bet that with the thousands of lines, even though we had multiple people (some of whom were professional proofreaders and all of whom were detail-oriented enough to want to participate) running over this (after years of effort on the part of several teams, and a huge effort by Kulyok),


we probably still missed a few things here and there. Hey, there are several Native American tribes who feel that creating a thing of perfection is mocking the spirits/gods... who are we to mock the infinite? :mad:

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