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OK, who wants to claim this one


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Entar Silvershield apparently liked to wear cloaks. He liked them so much, he wore 2 at a time, each with their own pin. I'm on chevalier7, BTW.


I'm trying to post a screenshot, but I am not able to do it for some reason.

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oh goodie... what do you bet the tp2 has another stupid cmorgan copy/paste error? Oh, no, wait a second...


I'm at school, so I can't check, but if you can, berelinde, pop up the tp2 and search for X#KABAND.cre. The code should be ADD_CRE_ITEM and there should be only one line for Tutu and one line for BGT- but here is the problem, I bet:


check the .cre in the subdirectory BG1NPC\Phase2\CRE\ and see if she came with one already assigned. If so, that is the one we need to remove, the one from the base creature (because the BGT side has to use COPY_EXISTING to create a working Caravan Bandit Leader).

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OK. I'm repeating the instructions to make sure I have it right.


I'm checking the tp2 for X#KABAND.cre and verifying that there is one ADD_CRE_ITEM for Tutu, one for BGT.


I am opening the X#KABAND.cre and seeing if she has one already in her inventory.


I'll let you know what I find.

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