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For a particular mod component, I would like to be able to poll the engine (by script) to determine whether the party has killed any creatures of good alignments (L, N, & C). If the party has killed any creatures of good alignments, I would like to be able to compare the number of good-aligned creatures killed to the number of evil-aligned creatures killed.


I can write the necessary scripts (no scripting advice please). I think that I can construct mechanics by which this polling could be accomplished (annoying but possible, I think). However, the effort required for this undertaking would be much reduced if the game itself tracked this information in accessible variables by default.


My question: Does the game store information on the number and alignment of creatures killed by the party (or by individuals, from which a total could be derived by script)? If so, which variables is this information stored within?


- D

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No, Bioware only records how many kills each character accumulates and tallies the experience gained from those kills. Nothing else is considered.


The number of specific creatures killed can be found in global death variables prefixed with SPRITE_IS_DEAD which is followed by the CRE scriptname or "none" if there was no scriptname, but there is one of these for every different scriptname in the game and nowhere is this number stored. (The savegame file only stores the total number of global variables.)

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