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Sendai's Soldiers and Slaves

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Last night I devastated Abazigal and Sendai with great satisfaction, and noticed some oddities about Sendai's forces in particular.


The surface drow wear elven armor, which seems unlikely for drow, though it's probably due to their being exposed to sunlight so their drow equipment would not be viable. Regardless, they also happen to be equipped with drow bolts of sleep. They also don't suffer any vision (to-hit) penalties for being out in broad daylight.


Enter the cave system... drow are still wearing elven chain and using non-drow equipment for the most part. Perhaps this is so that they might be effective on the surface in a future war, but it still looks odd. I wouldn't expect drow to want to touch elven gear, much less wear it. Or maybe these drow have grown soft.


Finally, the duergar slaves (berserkers) provide 18,000 experience EACH when killed, while the orogs only provide 1,200 experience each later in the fight. I'm thinking perhaps Bioware stuttered and added one too many zeroes to the duergar experience. A value of 1,800 seems to fit them better. Otherwise it's a huge experience pit; I gained two levels on each character by just standing at the entrance and killing duergar after duergar.

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It's a fairly large undertaking, and it can't be fully resolved without ugliness. I think I finally had managed to get them all using sane equipment, but I had to make a special script for some of the surface fodder.


Are you sure the duergarness isn't in line with the other whacky ToB XP amounts? I'd be more inclined to believe that they just forgot to change the XP when copying over the orogs from the generic base definitions (not that I think duergar should grant that much XP, but there are many cases where it seems they just wanted players to be able to get to the higher levels).

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I posted this to give the Fixpackers something to consider. Regardless of what they do about it, I'll make my own changes when I get around to the part of the game.


The duergar experience could be more Bioware wackiness, but that doesn't mean I have to remain subject to it. I can see getting lots of XP for completing a challenging quest, but not for killing mere slaves. A simple slave with a +3 Halberd gives just 4,000 less XP than an ancient lich? Please.

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