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Dakkon's Zerth Blade

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This fix is in BD 1.5, but missing from the fixpack :)


READ_LONG  0x6a  "eff_offset"
READ_SHORT 0x70  "glob_eff_cnt"
SET ccc=0
FOR( cnt=0; cnt<"%glob_eff_cnt%"; cnt=cnt+1 ) BEGIN
  WRITE_BYTE ("%eff_offset%"+cnt*0x30)+13  0   //Not dispell\Bypass resistance

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Guest Radagast-the-Brown

The baldurdash weidu 1.6.4 fixpack is supposed to fix the Dakkons zerth blade script to allow it to upgrade for all characters ( not only the main char) as they progress in levels and to avoid their scripts for romances etc to be screwed up like it did in previous versions of the item. Correct?


How come these files never ended up in the bg2fixpack or something? Are you planning to include them in future version?


Anyway i usually use this installation and the Zerth blade never upgrades itself as it seems.


Weidu log : http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showtopic=28483



Check this thread for more information about it :



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