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Hi @ll :)


Its very long since i played BG2 - and now i have choosen to install also some mods like the Tweak Pack.


I have for some time installed version 2.


My question is now this... Must i uninstall the old pack or can i install over the old files the new tweakpack files?


And whats with the content of other mods i have installed (Fixpack, DOQuestpack, Unfinished Business, Banterpack, Romancepack, E-Series script) - Must i install all them new?


Haven't updated a mod before - i feel a little confused :/


Please help :)



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Basically, just put version 3 in the same place as version 2 and let it overwrite files. Don't delete the old one--the files in the backup folder are needed to re-install it--just let it overwrite. Next, run Setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe in your BG2 folder. For each component you have installed, select the [R]einstall option.


WeiDU uses an 'onion layer' approach to mod installs, so anything that's installed after Tweaks will be uninstalled first, then it re-installs Tweaks, and then it will re-install all of the mods that were after Tweaks. This preserves your mod order so that it shouldn't break your saved games.

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