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Fixpack Beta 4 Released


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(Before the officialish announcement: I didn't have nearly the time to include all of the fixes posted before releasing, particularly a lot of Nythrun's excellent stuff. Apologies--I wanted to get this out by the end of the weekend to fix the demon running wild in Suldanessellar.)


The BG2 Fixpack is a WeiDU compilation of fixes for Baldur's Gate II. With the disappearance of Kevin Dorner and the cessation of activity of the Baldurdash fixpack for BG2, several modders and myself began working on a new WeiDU fixpack to address the numerous bugs that have been identified since Baldurdash. This collaborative effort, including the work of modders from several different modding communities, has resulted in a fixpack that currently includes all of the fixes addressed by Baldurdash (including the Game Text Update) and several hundred new bugfixes. The project is ongoing, and we're working through a substantial list of bugs culled from various sites, the old Baldurdash forums, and our own research.


Beta 4 includes a new French translatio, courtesy of Anomaly. Several new fixes have been included and miscellaneous issues found since the last release have been addressed. Bard Song Fixes has been added as a new OBC component.


Relevant links:

Changelog from Beta 3 to Beta 4:

  • Added French translation, courtesy of Anomaly
  • Moved many functions that other modders may wish to utilize to library files for easy inclusion into other mods
  • Deprecated the Incorrect Racial Maximums for Dwarves and Halflings fix
  • The new zero-lore clone of the Rod of Lordly Might created for the Items Lacking Lore (Don't Need to be Identified) fix now has proper tool tips
  • Fixed bug with Vampires Transforming to Gas Prevents Conclusion of Quest for Aran Linvail appending to the wrong area script
  • Closed yet more exploits in the Selfish test in the Hell Trial Exploits fix
  • Fixed a bug with Troll Fixes in that some soldiers at the de'Arnise Keep would not initiate dialogue and leave after killing their trolls; they would even stay in the area if the player obtained the Keep as a stronghold
  • Fixed a bug with Creatures Lacking Scripts; it was assigning a summoned demon script to to one of the demons in Suldanessellar causing it to attack everything
  • Fixed an bug with the Several Errors With Familiars fixes; the SoA quasit's memorized spells were being mis-indexed
  • Touched up the code in a few of the creature patches as the listed offsets, while not incorrect, were being put into a different order than normal
  • Fixed bug with the Neb's Dagger Fixes where the replacement dagger had mis-indexed effects
  • The fixed Staff of the Magi was still not conferring Protection From Evil due to mistargeted effects
  • The fix to prevent Friends from stacking was not accounting for the (now variable) duration
  • Miscellaneous Game Text Updates
  • Improvements to the Super Happy Fun Lucky Modder Pack component:
    • Expanded gtimes.ids entries
    • Several chunks of code farmed out to libraries to allow other modders to easily utilize them
    • Corrects the Map Notes offset in area files
    • Corrects incorrect levels and types in memorized spell blocks for creatures
    • Baldur's Gate proficiencies removed from creatures

    [*]The following fixes were epanded/updated to fix more bugs:

    • Areas Not Assigned Their Area Scripts
    • Creature Sex Fixes
    • Creature Gender Fixes
    • Anath and Other Lycanthropes Well-Nigh Invincible
    • Hell Trial Exploits
    • Optional But Cool: Additional Script Fixes

    [*]The following fixes were added:

    • Traps Not Doing Anything if Sprung
    • Characters Know Alignment- or Class-Restricted Divine Spells
    • Creatures Have Illegal Attribute Scores
    • Galvarey Stutters if Jaheira Returns to the Harper HQ While Invisible
    • Fear Immunity Doesn't Suppress All Fear Effects
    • Horror Has Spurious Save Bonus
    • Chant Not Affecting Enemies

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Just as an FYI: Looks like the project page still has the beta 2 info - no mention of the three new(er) OBC components, the Item Upgrade compatibility note is outdated, and there's no mention of the issue with Restored Minor Dialogs from UB. The actual beta 4 readme is of course up to date, but methinks it's a bad thing that the main project page has info that conflicts with it.


Great work on the new release, hopefully this will be the last beta! :)

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Has the Unlimited limited wish and wish component from TBTweaks been removed? It's no longer in the documentation as a part of core fixes, a change from the previous version.


It was never actually in there - Fixpack hasn't set Limited Wish to schoolless at all :)



That's not the fix I was refering to.

From the readme for the previous version:


The following mods are included and do not need to be installed:


Baldurdash or any other fixpack: BG2 Fixpack remains the most comprehensive fixpack to date. We used the bug lists from previous efforts to fix bugs as a starting point. If the bugs aren't already fixed by the Fixpack they will be in future versions.

Oversight (as of v7): etc etc


The Bigg Tweak Pack (as of v2.01): The 'Unlimited Limited Wish and Wish' component is included.

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