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Remove Bioware and mod kits component


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Since there are only nine slots available for specialty cleric kits, I selected the Remove Bioware and mod kits component so that I could see all of DR's new kits at character creation. But I now want to try creating a Morninglord of Lathander (one of the Bioware specialty cleric kits). How would I do that at this point?

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According to the Divine Remix v5 readme, the mod can tweak the 3 Bioware cleric kits and can install 10 new cleric kits. It also states only 9 kits are available for character selection - you can install more, they just aren't available for PC selection. In other words, if you have 9 cleric kits installed already and install another, you can't choose that last kit as a PC. I must've been mistaken earlier, because I thought installing a 10th kit would overwrite whatever you had in the 9th slot (anyhow I thought I observed this behavior but I guess I was wrong).


What if some of the kits are race- or alignment-restricted? In other words, let's say you're a half-elf and have 11 cleric kits installed but 2 are not allowed for your race. And let's say the 2 that don't allow half-elves were the first 2 you installed. Would you see 9 kits for selection (since the first 2 of 11 were restricted) or would you see 7 (since any slots after 9 are hidden no matter what)?


Also, if I get this right, if you install all the kits in DR without removing anything, the last 4 kits aren't available to you. And even if you *do* remove Bioware kits, the last kit won't be available. So you have to be pretty selective about what you install, right? Just thinking there should be a stronger caveat in the readme and/or the installation itself to this effect.

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