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Shadow Thief (Stronghold) Talks to Himself


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The file is SHTHFDR.CRE (I think, typing from memory and not at my home computer.) The NPC's name is Brannel, and he's the outside door guard for the thief stronghold.


His script checks for Player1's presence, but then executes StartDialogNoSet(Myself). This results in bad dialogs because his dialog does party slot (0) checks, and since he's not in a party the triggers don't work.


I had been approached by Ama inside the guild after being newly assigned. When I went to leave the guild to meet Ama, Brannel greeted me with a nonsensical response (as if he was talking to someone other than Player1). After fixing his targets (using Player1 instead of Myself), he then correctly apologized for letting Ama in, and so on.

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We do alter brannel.bcs, but it's to fix the two wrong variables he was referencing (i.e. Global("LathanPlot1","GLOBAL",1) should be Global("LathanPlot","GLOBAL",1) and Global("LathanPlot2","GLOBAL",1) should be Global("LathanPlot","GLOBAL",2)). Will take a closer look.

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