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Bad Timing


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I am just wondering. Has anyone gotten one of the normal NPC chats at a time that you were thinking "Why the hell are you saying that here and now?"

I was just wondering cause I got one the other day.


My party was in the Underdark when Anomen came up with his line about "These petty skirmishes are not even worth the time I spend cleaning my weapons..." and went blabing on about the Hillnasher Giants. I was thinking "petty skirmishes?! hello...look we are in the Underdark, drow and such do not fall into 'petty skirmishes' in anyones book!"

so if anyone has had a moment like this please share!

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It was actually good timing that made me laugh when I was in the swampy Druids Grove and Edwin said how nature is chaotic and messy and needs a firm hand to slap it into proper order. I really laughed at that!

But yes, Nalia blathering on about how are we helping the less priveledged by trudging around in...excuse me...HER home to clear it! :)

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Don't know about bad timing, but it certainly seems to cross genres... Adalon's imp servant talks just like Yoda of Star Wars. (This is the imp that spawns in after you agree to swap Phaere's fake dragon eggs with the real ones.) He's infinitely funnier than Cespenar.


While I'm at it... the various places Aerie chooses to have a campfire can be somewhat amusing.

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Smoketest's post reminded me of one.


It was a banter between Imoen and Jaheira, where they were bickering about treating <CHARNAME> right, assuming that Jaheira was romancing the pc. Which was funny, because the pc was female, and getting to know Kivan.

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Just had a hysterical one.


The pc did something stupid, I think it was forgetting to equip a weapon while attacking a hobgoblin, and Jaheira chimed in with


"You are amusing, in a 'what the hell is wrong with you' kind of way."


I know it was in reaction to Xzar, or something, but it was still funny.

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