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Wizard Slayer magic resistance


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In the kit description, Wizard Slayers are supposed to get 14% magic resistance and 1%-5% per level (iirc). The PC never gets this magic resistance, and I'm not too sure that the character ever gets the intended MR on level-ups. This is usually never a problem because a player can just SK the missing resistance, so my suggestion for the next release would be to have this correctly implemented.



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Starting new SoA game with Wizard Slayer gives me 7% MR, 1 for each level (which is correct).


Class description from GTU:

WIZARD SLAYER: These warriors have been specially trained by their sect to excel in hunting and attacking spellcasters of all kinds.

-  For each successful hit on an opponent, 10% cumulative spell failure penalty is applied.
-  Innate magic resistance starts at 14% and gains 1% per level until level 20, then alternates between 5% and 1% each level thereafter

-  May not use ANY magic items (potions other than healing potions, scrolls, rings, amulets, cloaks, etc.) except for weapons and armor


So it seems what we're missing is promised starting 14% bonus.

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Wizard Slayers. :)


In SoA-only installs, they actually receive a 2% per level MR resistance bonus every level. In theory they could cap out at 80% at level 40, but the XP cap keeps them to 38% at level 19.


With ToB installed, they receive 1% per level until level 20. At level 20, they start alternating between +5% and +1% MR each level. This leads to a theoretical cap of 84% at level 40.


Why they decided to change it from the slow, steady, imminently predictable SoA scale to the one in ToB is beyond me, but in both cases there is no 14% startout bonus. I believe Nick's already got a topic floating around here about updating this kit description.


Lesson learned for wizard slayers: don't install ToB until you hit level 20. :)

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I think I prefer changing it to fit current description in game text update, but that's just me. :)


If anyone else wants it, here's the coded change:

COPY_EXISTING ~spcl131.spl~ ~override\spclmr14.spl~
WRITE_LONG 0x9e 14

COPY_EXISTING ~clabfi03.2da~ ~override~

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Baldurdash, for reasons unknown to me, changed the Wiz Slayer descript to say


Innate magic resistance starts at 14% and gains 1% per level until level 20, then alternates between 5% and 1% each level thereafter


which is wrong, and extra wrong for SoA. We've inherited this error. The original line reads as


- 1% magic resistance per level


for both SoA and ToB.

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