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Finally *playing* this mod


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The crossroads area:

The bandits around the caravan remains are added for Kagain's guest by BG1NPC project, right? I noticed that if you find the caravan bandits before you meet Kagain they have 'nothing to say to you', which is a bit odd. It might make ore sense if they attacked you even if you're not with Kagain and you could notice the noble among the dead on your own. Then when/if you meet Kagain you could tell him what you saw.


It would be nice if Jaheira reacted (bantered) if Khalid dies in battle (and vice versa). Now she just sprouts the voice clip (which itself is a nice touch from Bioware).


We just arrived to Naskel and we've enjoyed the mod so far. :)

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Meira, check which version you are using - the bandits were supposed to go hostile and attack you even without Kagain in the party, and some of the NPCs have interjections, too! In fact, operating on a similar note for Macready, Kagain should indeed have new options and reflect the encountered/not encountered Caravan Bandits. You may have a version with a miss-assigned DV set for 4 BG1 NPC creatures, including X#KABAND, who starts the ball rolling.


If you are using Beta2, hold on for today, and CamDawg will have Beta3 out (it should be fine to install it over Beta2 as long as you uninstall all components of the mod, then reinstall everything you wanted - savegames should be fine. Tutu-side changes were mostly BAF changes and Dynaheir's end of quest and end-of-romance cutscene, plus the way some of the .cres were created).



Thank you for playing, and please let us know anything that jumps out as not perfect :)

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Yikes. This is not good news. Last time I ran through there, the bandit leader stayed blue and had nothing to say (Kagain was not in the party). The bandits were hostile and did attack.


I'll check the appropriate NPC files and see what they were supposed to say.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch: no, it doesn't look like she has anything she's supposed to say if the party doesn't have Kagain, but it is mighty strange having a blue-circled NPC standing around with nothing to say, but whose comrades are busily attacking the party. I thought this was changed a while ago?

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We're using Version 12 Beta 2 (and Easy tutu). When we first run into the bandits, we had Jaheira, Khalid and Imoen in the party along with two PC characters. After we picked up Kagain and returned to the bandits, they attacked the party after talking with Kagain. Were planning to get Dynaheir for magical and romantic purposes, so any fixes to her will be welcome. :)


Something that I would consider adjusting (though I'm aware that it's a fairly large scope fine tuning) are the interjections, or how they blend into the original text and PC's reply options. For example: when we meet Garrick and he offers to join the party, Imoen makes a comment about how cute Garric is. Then Garrick asks something like this: 'Does she think I'm cute?' - yet the PC's reply following that refer directly to Garrick's offer to join the party, which looks a tad out of place. So, the interjection could use an additional line for Garrick that brings the conversation back to the original subject. Same applies to at least some of the other interjections as well.

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Darn it -- found the loophole. In tightening the conditions for BGT, I made sure the condition for triggering the dialogue has Global("X#KagainCaravan","GLOBAL",3) -

CHAIN IF ~Global("X#TalkedEddard","GLOBAL",0) Global("X#KagainCaravan","GLOBAL",3) AreaCheck("FW2800")~ THEN ~X#KABAND~ X#KABANDstart
== ~_KAGAIJ~ IF ~InParty("kagain") !Dead("kagain") !StateCheck("kagain",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @2
== ~_KIVANJ~ IF ~InParty("kivan") !Dead("kivan") !StateCheck("kivan",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @3
== ~_JAHEIJ~ IF ~InParty("jaheira") !Dead("jaheira") !StateCheck("jaheira",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @4
== ~_SHARTJ~ IF ~InParty("sharteel") !Dead("sharteel") !StateCheck("sharteel",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @5
== ~X#KABAND~ @6
DO ~SetGlobal("X#KagainCaravan","GLOBAL",3)
Enemy()~ EXIT

it will work perfectly with Kagain in the party, but that variable is set through Kagain being in the party, so it won't play (of course it would be this way - Cam has Beta3 online and *now* I figure out we need to fix something!).


I will fix this immediately by readjusting the chain to start


~Global("X#TalkedEddard","GLOBAL",0) AreaCheck("FW2800")~,


test, send the file to CamDawg, and upload a new copy to the internal site - Meira, check the private site (listed in the workroom). I could probably remove all those !Dead checks, too, since CD_STATE_NOTVALID includes STATE_DEAD...

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OK, here is the best option. I am adding two revised miniature files, and asking CamDawg to get them put into the Beta3 that just hit the world stage. Since the edit is one condition (taken from two files) and I just tested it, it should be an easy fix for anyone downloading Beta3 before he gets a chance to add it in:




1. Download the brand new Beta3 from G3.

2. Extract the mod as usual, and go ahead and install the "required components" first component if you want, but it is probably just as easy to not install it at all.

3. Unpack the file in this .rar

to BG1NPC\BGT\DLG, overwriting X#KAQST.D

4. Unpack the file in this .rar to BG1NPC\Phase2\DLG, overwriting X#KAQST.D


Now install, and play away with the Bandit Encounter fully enabled and ready to go:)


I apologise to CamDawg (well to everyone) on this silliness -


CamDawg, when you read this, thank you - you completely rock on the documentation and packaging. There are two quick edit things to glance at: the pictures in the installed ReadMe do not show up, and I didn't get a chance to update the install order (since this last one is still being updated, I suggest replacing my recommendations there with a link to the General Mod Discussion forum instead of the actual recommendations, and I will update correctly for the non-beta release!

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These are still from V12beta2.


The Dynaheir - Minsc banter where Dynaheir agrees to tell Boo a bedtime story about the Princess Sunflower Seed seems to lack the RestParty().


In the talk Minsc initiates when entering the Knoll stronghold area there's a reply option for the PC:

"[...]O, well, I guess we will have to rescue her irregardless." Shouldn't that rather be 'regardless'?


Merriam-Webster online dictionary says this about 'irregardless':


One entry found for irregardless.

Main Entry: ir•re•gard•less

Pronunciation: "ir-i-'gärd-l&s

Function: adverb

Etymology: probably blend of irrespective and regardless

nonstandard : REGARDLESS

usage Irregardless originated in dialectal American speech in the early 20th century. Its fairly widespread use in speech called it to the attention of usage commentators as early as 1927. The most frequently repeated remark about it is that "there is no such word." There is such a word, however. It is still used primarily in speech, although it can be found from time to time in edited prose. Its reputation has not risen over the years, and it is still a long way from general acceptance. Use regardless instead.


In the same talk another reply option for the PC.

"[...]You see, in the bard's songs the damsels in distress always kiss the brave knights who delivered them." Shouldn't that rather be "the bards' songs" or "the songs of the bards", assuming that it refers to bards in general and not to any particular bard.



Yeah, I do nitpick. :)

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simple value equations for reference:


nitpick = serious player

report + nitpick = highly valued serious player

experienced player + report + nitpick = extremely valued serious player

accomplished experienced modder + ep + r + n = minor deity or demigod

code sample * (aem + ep + r + n) = god/goddess

(code sample + code fix sample) * (aem + ep + r + n) = god/goddess and new project contributer



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Bag of Turnip's description icon is not centred properly: it's in the right bottom corner and phases 'under' description text.


Two of Imoen's banters have now terminated on the first line:


The first one, I, ehhh... ...forgot. :)


The second one was this:

@378 = ~I don't mean to be rude, but why do you hate cities and towns so much? Yeah, I know you're a druid, but us humans and others gotta live somewhere, ya know.~


Jaheira was not invisible or under any other effects and they were relatively near each other (in the same shop).


IF WEIGHT #-1 ~CombatCounter(0)
DO ~SetGlobal("IMJA1","LOCALS",1)~
== ~_BJAHEI~ @379
== ~_BIMOEN~ @380
== ~_BJAHEI~ @381
== ~_BIMOEN~ @382


Since the code looks to be okay, I suppose it could just be a hiccup, but the fact that it has happened twice now is troubling me.

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hmmm... could you check Jaheira in an editor, and see if her DV is correct?


Troubles me, too... I just ran the interaction through DLTCEP, and all seems fine; rechecked my install and looks fine here. Stilll... two is more than a hiccup.

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Something might be going on there. Last night, during a break from writing, I played a little Tutu and had a banter between Xzar and Imoen misfire--it never started.


It was the first one after recruiting Xzar where he and Imoen talk about the contents of Xzar's pockets and jelly drops. Also, the party failed to rest afterwards.


I will investigate myself (just to see if I can) and report any findings, or lack of them.

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I wonder if the "force all dialogues to pause" has something that will make the state check for CD_STATE_NOTVALID have a false postitive...


Paging CamDawg?? (I love the new catch-all and really don't want to go back and change everything back to the InParty("dv") !Dead() combo...)

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Hang on, before you go that far, let's think about this.


That new "catch all" is included in a heck of a lot of mods. I wonder if some of the goofiness I've been seeing on this board and others is related.


You have to admit, PPG and G3 have been active on bug reports lately.


But this is a question for the gurus.

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