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Which mod affects HLA's?


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Anyone know which mod affects HLA's? I'm playing a SoA/ToB game at the moment, re-running the Kivan romance (for variation).


I've installed something that's removed HLA's from the game.


I've posted this at PPG as well but anyone have a clue where I stuffed up this time?


PS: Yes, I read all the readme's and I can't figure it out.


Clues would be appreciated, please. Thanks.

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Oh, heck, okay. Mods installed, in no particular order:


Dungeon Be Gone

Kelsey SoA/ToB


NPC Banter Pack

NPC Flirt Pack

Ashes of Embers

A Kit I'm testing for Zyraen (which has never affected them in the past)


Beyond The Law

D0Tweaks (not sure why I've got two tweak packs installed)


Ease of Use

Item Upgrade

JPS Portrait Pack


Zyraen's Miscellaneous Mods (just the riddles component, I think)


Another thing is - when are HLA's supposed to start appearing? Before I zapped a game because I had an old version of a mod, my char was at level 22 with no HLA's.

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All kits have HLA setups of their own - so it might just be a matter of the kit you're testing not having an HLA list assigned yet. As I said over on PPG, classes begin to gain HLAs at different levels - fighter types at one point, rogues at another etc.

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