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Discussion: How to make an NPC if you are a NOOB.


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Added this and your other to the index, and put CODE tags around the code for clarity. Hope you don't mind. :)



Not at all. In fact, if you guys see something that can be clarified and/or corrected, please let me know..so this tut. can work for anyone.

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I'm sorry but I don't I dont like the font of the tutorial either.


When I said input, I sort of meant, you know, the actual content of it that would help people to mod better...

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Calling beginners "newbies" or simply "beginners" makes them mod better than calling them n00bs, because it shows that author of tutorial respects them and believes in their learning skills.


I'd like to notice notice that 'N00b' is a derogatory term.

I'm sure you've been called much worse. :)

You like to troll on tutorial/mod threads, don't you :) ?

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You mean that a mod can insult an user without appearent reason, but the user isn't allowed to defend himself?

Especially if a particular mod is already hostile towards me?

Inteligent insult is still a personal attack.

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Thanks for writing this! This is exactly the sort of thing I need.


From a nooberly perspective, the most daunting aspect of all this for a non-coder such as myself is in understanding the basic forumla for coding dialogue. I still tend to conceive of dialogue the way it is managed in NWN, which is a tree consisting of nodes that may branch off infinitely. It's very intuitive, user friendly, and easy to grasp.


What stopped me (temporarily) dead in my tracks in my own project is having to shift my thinking towards clustering dialogues into bundles of character 'states', i.e, the character is happy, annoyed, wary, relieved, etc. This thread illustrates what I'm talking about: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=6755 This is not intuitive at all. It doesn't follow the linear flow of the NWN-style dialogue tree.


A primer of basic rules and formulas for writing code for dialogue will be a huge help to those for whom all of this is utterly foreign.


Again thanks for your excellent work here, this helps me a lot!

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What he said. This is cool, and seems to work better with my peculiar thought processes than other tutorials I've read. I need a lot of hand holding, even down to the "click this box" level.

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Ah, damn you! God...damn you all to hell!



I resisted the Fhain for so long only to be tempted into reading this. Now I have to make my own half-beholder/quarter-dragon/quarter-drow NPC. *sob*


It is all your fault!

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