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Possible conflict or bug re: Improved Undead mod

Guest John

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Just noticed something else in my game. I installed Improved Undead and Improved Crypt King components of Tactics after installing the Fixpack.


WRT the Improved Undead, undead behaved as expected, which is casting various spells in addition to attacking. However, that ended sometime once I agreed to the Unseeing Eye quest and went into the Temple sewer area AFAIR. It could have happened earlier, but that's where I remember it not occurring.


WRT Improved Crypt King, I'm not sure. Again, all I got were attacks by skelly warriors, no spells cast at me. Also, new skelly warriors kept spawning in the corner from time to time after the Crypt King had been destroyed. I'll report that in its forum.


Hmm, now that I think about it, none of the undead in the graveyard, surface level tombs, have cast any spells at me.



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Hello :)


The Crypt King has a bug in its script that makes it cast its only spell (which is Horror) on itself. Fixpack corrects this, and Tactics overwrites the fixed script with another script that inherits the Bioware bad targetting. This is the only spell it has, so you're not missing much.


The undead I don't know about, but any undead that doesn't have the standard generic script that gets assigned to a critter Bioware lacked the time or interest to write a custom script for won't be changed by this component. I'd have to check the random encounters for these areas to know for sure though :)

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