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Gavin's progress


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Done so far:


100% Banters

100% Interjections

100% Friendtalks

100% Friendtalk scripting, including timers and breaks

100% Lovetalks (30 out of 30 )

100% Lovetalk scripting, including timers and breaks

100% PID

90% Gavin-initiated flirts

100% Quest

100% Soundset

100% Music


95% documentation


100% Items (Gorilym did one, I did the other 3, Miloch did the BAMs)

Portrait (Thank you K'aeloree! He didn't do the one I'm using as an avatar, he did one much better, but I kind of like the one I'm using as an avatar, so I'm leaving it as an alternate)


What's left:


10% Gavin-initiated flirts

5% Documentation

Anything that turns up in alpha testing with regards to additional content or bug fixing


Estimated level of completion: 99%

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Do you happen to own a Palm? I found that I was doing a lot of writing while commuting, slow times in the office and lunch breaks. Can't say enough good things about the hand-helds for tight writing schedules.

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No, but maybe I need to look into it. I was hoping to get Gavin's primary LTs done by Monday, with just the flirts and the tp2 to go. But at an average of 2 a day and over 20 left, it isn't going to happen.


Must... work... faster...


No! Stop that. Must work smarter. Much better that way.

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ok, ok... wow that's fast. Please send me an update and I will send you back an alpha2 to play with/rip apart to see what happens this weekend, so you can start an alphatester soon :)


(well, hopefully by the end of the weekend).

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Thanks! Did you want me to package what I have together by Friday afternoon?


I've been reading tp2s like bestsellers, these days, as well as the WeiDU docs, which is starting to make some sense, so I might be able to throw something together, not as a packaged mod, but just to see if I'm getting the hang of it.


Edit: good day, yesterday. Cleared LT 9. Learned to script night and morning talks.

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Wrote the tp2 and am attempting to get it to install...


Except for some of the hex stuff, the tp2 stuff shouldn't be much more difficult than the dialogue stuff... which from what I can tell you seem to have mastered. :) Post questions if you got 'em.


Also, I've been slowly reading up on Gavin... Good work and good luck!


- D

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So far, the biggest problems seem to be:


Missing tildes (I hate tildes)

Duplicate states from when I got lazy cutting and pasting


It's slow going, but I'm getting there!


Banters and interjections compiled no problem. Still working on the LTs (up to 10, but took a break to do the tp2 and maybe a little playtesting...)

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After a whole lot of good advice, and a fair amount of trial and error, Gavin is installed and running happily on my computer.


Interjections seem to be going fine, banters work, and friendtalks and lovetalks are going as scheduled.


The mod is fairly customizable. I've set it up so that the PID, Tutu waking speeds, romance, and romance timer (choice of 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes) can all be installed separately. When I've got the flirts done, that will be separate, too.


I'm starting to really appreciate the versatility of WeiDU.


I've got screenshots, but I can't post them here.

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