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Changing number of starting spells


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Well, there's a SPELLS.2DA file that worked great for BG1 and exists in BG2 but I don't know if it has any effect in BG2.


In BG1 you could set the spell count for the character creation spell selection screen and it would work just fine. BG2 has all values set to 50 and leaves off level 8 and level 9 for wizards, and yet sorcerers work just fine, so that's why I say it may be unused in BG2.


You could try different values to see what happens. Try setting the value for wizards in the first column to 5, save the 2DA, create a new wizard and see how many first level spells you're allowed to choose from. If it works you should only see the first (according to file suffix enumeration) five files, which would probably be SPWI101.SPL through SPWI106.SPL. If it still allows you to select all possible first level spells, then the file is probably unused in BG2. (Again, I know it works in BG1 because I've tested it there.)


Edit: I just tested and still got the full list of first level spells with a new wizard, so the file is apparently ignored in BG2. That's a shame. I don't know why Bioware had to mess with things that weren't broken.

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maybe you want to edit mxsplwiz.2da?

I think it controls amount of spell slots for wizards? I'm happy with the number of available spell slots for remembering spells, I need to change number of starting KNOWN spells.


Problem is, I'm supposed to start game at level 1. EXE has starting XP patched to 1, but at character generation I still get to choose 7 level one spells (as in SoA).


Question to Tutu guys here: how many spells your level 1 wizards get to choose at start in Tutu game?

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splautop.2da controls the 'pick for me' spell selections. There doesn't seem to be any way to control the number, though.


spells.2da controls which spells are considered 'valid' mage and priest spells. The default value is 50, which means only spells of the format spwi[1-9][00-50] are considered 'valid' mage spells (i.e. they show up on a sorcerer's spell selection screen) and sppr[1-7][00-50] are 'valid' divine spells (i.e. they're added automatically to divine casters as they level up).

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I think the selectable spells are hardcoded in the exe.

Only in BG2, apparently. In this instance, the BG1 version of IE is superior (IMO).


That makes two things I want to find in the EXE: max level cap (currently 50) and starting spell count used during character generation. (The level cap because my solo f/m/t recently got level 50 in thief; they level fast in TOB with the experience table fixed so the thief gets the proper amount of XP per level.)

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