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IWD2NPC Banner


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Belerinde, if you have Adobe Image Ready, it's relatively pain free, if you get a decent tutorial. It relies a lot on tiny buttons, so it's cool to just follow the steps. I really liked the tutorial I used in the morning, to make this one, but I can't find it again in the wastness of the web :hm:


@Garfield: It's very nice, and I wouldn't squish it to 50K - Just keep it as a sig banner. :) All the charcaters are nicely integrated, appart from Nord. You might want to try to 'feather' him before pasting on the background. :)

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Yeah, dark blue is better on the eyes.


Also, you have a choice between cool font and breathtaking background. It's impossible to focus on both. If it were me, I'd opt for the more mundane font and let the background speak. That is, after all, much of the spirit of IWD2.

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Damn, the board is just fighting me today!


Garfield, I didn't mean to delete your message, I wanted to delete mine, cause it stuck in the edit mode. Thousand appologies! :hm:


Berelinde, if you send the graphics 'for assembly" and tell me what you want done, I'll gladly give a shot to animating a banner for you. It's really very quick :)


The backgrounds steal size though. In Garfield's case it does not matter, but for PPG rotation it's a concern. The backgrounds I am using are actually the 3 IWD2 world-maps, but through numerous "less perfection for smaller size"....


I'm toying with the idea of making a very quick assembling-dissassembling mosaic from character faces by doing a sequence of a few quickly changing frames.

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I sent the small one to JC for PPG hosting, since I want to start rising awarness about the mod, but I don't think it would be a great problem to ask them to change the banner if we have something particulary striking. But we don't want too many either :rant:


I also will not say no to a stunning portrait of a drow warrior (waste-length) with a nice bastard sword if anyone is interested in graphical side of things :)

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