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Some scripts and dialogs errors


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clean bg2tob+bgfixpack beta 4 installation

i'm running this pretty simple code:

COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP ~.*bcs~ ~override~

and there are some errors in debug (about 20 files)

the same thing happens with dlg/d

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Ooh, good catches. Some of these we had tried to fix already--the r(animal).bcs scripts for example. They were reported as fine by NI and are unused in game, but WeiDU doesn't like them still. WeiDU also caught a mess of dialogue errors (rogue semicolons) that NI was happy to ignore. :)


d fixes:

REPLACE_TRIGGER_TEXT ~elgea~	~("Korgan")!~ ~("Korgan")~
REPLACE_TRIGGER_TEXT ~fergus~   ~Global("FERGUS1","GLOBAL",2);~ ~Global("FERGUS1","GLOBAL",2)~
REPLACE_TRIGGER_TEXT ~flam7~	~StateCheck(Myself,STATE_CHARMED);~ ~StateCheck(Myself,STATE_CHARMED)~
REPLACE_TRIGGER_TEXT ~ithtyl~   ~True();~ ~True()~
REPLACE_ACTION_TEXT ~udsvir08~ ~EscapeArea();~ ~EscapeArea()~


Script fixes. The r(animal) scripts are now simply recompiled from scratch since otherwise they retain the broken cruft. rufpal is a new fix. If you kill Amalas in the pit and speak to either of his buddies afterwards, both are supposed to leave together. This broken trigger prevented the other buddy (whichever one you did not speak with) from leaving.


COMPILE ~bg2fixpack/compile/rdog.baf~

COPY_EXISTING ~rufpal.bcs~ ~override~
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("itFight","R0406P",3)~ ~Global("PitFight","AR0406",3)~

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Check FERGUS, FLAM7, ITHTYL; they smell unused.


I wouldn't bother with the R* junk, but we should do something similar to:

<<<<<<<< whatever.baf
>>>>>>>> COMPILE whatever.baf

COPY_EXISTING whatever.baf whatever.baf

Compilation is slow (the bigg can say for sure, but I think it still juggles the TRA for each script, even if the script is empty).

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Check FERGUS, FLAM7, ITHTYL; they smell unused.

They are, but we already fix all of the other old BG dialogues so we might as well. As for the r(animal) scripts, they're unused but not empty. I'd rather not blank them lest we have another CtB-like incident from Random Mod X that wants to use 'em.

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