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Gavin has no shoes


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Still bug-hunting, but this screenshot is mildly amusing, provided you don't have high expectations. Gavin, the dark-haired male that isn't Xan, has no shoes. His armor stops below his greaves. Go fig.


Keep in mind it's grainy because I had to shrink it and reduce the resolution to get it below 200k.

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I think the halflings *stole* his boots. He's pretty oblivious.
Or maybe he *is* a halfling (albeit a tall one)? They go barefoot anyway, don't they...


Looks like your Imoen portrait has the same issue as mine - I put a fix out to it here.


Edit: I can't tell for sure on your screenshot, but your Gavin portrait might have the same issue. This is from the BG readme under Custom Portraits:

XXXXXXXS.bmp for small (38x60, 8-bit)

XXXXXXXL.bmp for large (110x70, 24-bit)

If you want to send me a link or PM the files, I can look them over to make sure they're not breaking any rules. :)

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Nah. It's lined up OK on my screen. But I had to reduce the quality to within an inch of it's life to get it under 200K.


Anyway, I've got a new portrait of Gavin I've been working on. Kaeloree gave me the idea to start out by painting completely over everything and starting from there. I like Kaeloree's portrait, but I want to be able to offer a couple choices.


It takes a tremendous amount of time, since I am no artist, but this is what I came up with today.


Edit: Looking at this, all I can say is that I've got a great start on a Gavina portrait should he ever be cursed with a girdle of gender bender.

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Yes, I've changed the shadow color to more of a golden brown. It seems to work better. Also, compressing from png to jpg is murder on the color values. Toned down the "eyeliner look." Still really new to it.


Latest version. A little less the cross-dresser.

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